How Can I Calm my Anxiety and Epilepsy? Pregablin

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a mental situation in which a person feels disturbed, uneasy, worried, and restless because of any underlying reason. Anxiety can be defined in several ways depending upon the symptoms encountered by different patients.

Anxiety does not occur in the same way in all people. The pattern of symptoms in anxiety is different in different people depending upon the situation they are facing during a specific period. According to these symptoms, anxiety can be defined accordingly. Some of the definitions are

Definition 1: It is the situation in which a person feels distressed because of any unclear reason.

Definition 2: It is a condition of mind during which the person suffers from abnormal feelings of fear.

Definition 3: it is a psychological disorder of the body and mind in which a person feels uneasy, discomfort, and restless without any actual reasonable cause.

Definition 4: anxiety is a characteristic emotion during which in some cases the person fails to act and perform appropriately.

Symptoms of Anxiety:

Different people suffer different symptoms during which they are going through a state of anxiety. Some of the symptoms are enlisted below

  • An abnormal sense of fear
  • A sense of distress
  • Unhappy without any cause
  • Anger
  • Restless
  • Un easy
  • Headache
  • Lack of confidence
  • Episodes of weeping (moving towards depression)
  • Anorexia (lack of appetite) etc.
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Different situations during which a person can feel anxiety

  • Going for a Job interview
  • Sitting in the examination hall
  • Presenting in front of the class
  • Giving a speech
  • Waiting for result etc

Duration of Anxiety:

Each and every person in his or her life pass through the situation in which he or she feels a sense of anxiety. Our daily life routine has become so stressful that people have to pass through anxiety daily. Anxiety can stay for a specific period of time for example if someone is feeling anxious regarding his or her speech in front of the head of the department,, his/her anxiety will move away after he has done of his presentation and he/ she will feel relax, same is the case with the declaration of result.

But if it lasts longer, it might be the time that one should seek a remedy. Well, there are numerous pills available on the market that can help relieve stress. But, someone not ready to take pills can either go for yoga or meditation or can also prefer gummies CBD. CBD-based products tend to be one of the most effective products in dealing with stress, as they target the root cause of the stress i.e. the nerves, and help calm them down first, providing an overall calmness to the mind and body.

Anxiety as a Disorder:

If anxiety persists for a longer duration if it happens without any proper reason than it indicates that the anxiety has become a disorder. It is also considered a disease if it is not resolved after the disappearance of the actual cause of anxiety.


What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder of brain in which recurrent unprovoked seizures occur. The seizure may b tonic, clonic as well as atonic. In epilepsy, there may be focal seizures or generalized seizures. A focal seizure is a type of seizure that occurs in the localized part of the body while generalized seizures involve the whole of the body.

Causes of Epilepsy:

Only 20% of epileptic attacks have a known cause while 80% of the causes are still unknown.

Few of the causes are enlisted below

  • Genetic causes (mutations in the genes controlling the neuronal activity)
  • Head injury
  • Toxicity
  • Some Medicine reaction
  • Heavy smoking
  • Caffeine poisoning
  • Excessive use of sweets

Duration of Seizure:

A seizure can occur for few seconds or it can last for several hours.

Anxiety and Epilepsy:

Anxiety and epilepsy both are interconnected to each other in one or another way. In some cases anxiety leads to epilepsy while in others epilepsy leads to anxiety.

How does Anxiety Lead to Epilepsy?

Anxiety is a condition in which the brain suffers from restlessness and abnormal thinking. If it persists for a longer period of time (more than one year), it gradually results in excessive neuronal discharge from brain to the body. This excessive neuronal discharge is a basic underlying phenomenon that occurs in epilepsy.

How Does Epilepsy Lead to Anxiety?

Once a person is diagnosed with epilepsy or person has suffered from the epileptic episode of a seizure the person becomes anxious about its recurrence. The level of anxiety depends upon the severity of the episode of seizure and its duration.

It has been studied that most patients with prediagnosed epilepsy usually develop anxiety. Because they remain stressed and conscious that when the next epileptic attack is going to happen again and without any alarm. It is always a mode of threatening condition in which they live through out which gradually leads to anxiety.

Effects of Epilepsy

  • Epileptic patients are always suggested not to drive any vehicle because the time of seizure is not fixed. It can occur at any time and at any position and condition. So there is an increased risk of accidents.
  • Socially unacceptable
  • Seizure leads to weakness in the body
  • Lack of confidence
  • Personality changes

How to Calm Epilepsy and Anxiety

If epilepsy and anxiety are happening due to any known reason they can easily be controlled by removing that cause. For that, the person may need to visit a local neurosurgeon (someone similar to Dr Timothy Steel) who tends to adopt suitable treatment measures for curing epilepsy. But if the actual cause behind it is unknown then there are some other ways which are to be applied to control these conditions.

Pregablin 300 MG is effective in reducing the severity of psychological and physical symptoms of anxiety. It reduces sleep disturbance, and in reducing the severity of coexisting depressive symptoms.

Besides this, people could also experiment with CBD capsules and tinctures, which may help alleviate anxiety and epilepsy to some extent. Some preliminary research suggests that CBD may be an effective treatment for many types of epilepsy. So, in case someone wants to try out such products, they can try getting them from online retailers like bmwo.

Improve the Diet

Epilepsy and anxiety are controlled easily by moving towards a simple diet. For example, avoiding the foods and drinks that stimulate the brain i.e

  • black tea,
  • cigarette smoking,
  • coffee,
  • use of tobacco in any form,
  • chocolate

by reducing these types of diet one can easily overcome his/her anxiety and can notice reduction in its epileptic seizure episodes.


The person suffering from anxiety and epilepsy needs proper counseling through his physician. Physician will help him how to control his/her brain and how to overcome through the situation. It can be done by

  • Asking the patient not to think too much about the previous attack
  • Providing a source of happiness
  • Advising the family members to Keep away the patient from sadness and aggression


It helps in strengthening the body muscles that get weakened by a seizure attack.

Interaction with People

Anxiety and epilepsy lead to the lack of confidence and distortion of personality which can be re-achieved by allowing the sufferer to sit in with people to develop confidence and improve his/her personality. In this way, it will develop of a sense of comfort in a person.


Sharing one’s thoughts with the closest one also helps in relieving the anxious thoughts from mind. A person can share his or her feeling with a beloved one, a physician, a psychiatrist, or the person whom he trusts the most.


Anxiety and epilepsy both are dreadful situations. Their incidence is rising day by day. More than half of the world’s population is facing these problems. So, to calm the one’s daily anxiety or the stress from epilepsy, it has become a basic need of the time to know the interventions in calming these situations. Otherwise, a sufferer may indulge in permanent damage to his mental capacities.

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