How Long Does Soma Stay in Urine?

How long does Soma stay in your urine, hair, and blood varies from person to person. Usually, it’s around 24 hours in blood, several days or even longer in urine, and a month or more in hair. So, basically, for how long doctors can still trace Soma in your urine, blood, and hair, depends upon several factors. Below we’re going to discuss those factors affecting the duration. Keep reading to find out.

Factors that Decide How Long Soma Will Stay in Your Body

In case you’re unaware, Soma (aka Carisoprodolis) is a muscle relaxant prescription-only drug. It alleviates pain, stress, and relaxes the body — after you’re hit with an injury or dealt with a chronic surgery. It’s usually given for a shorter period because it can be severely habitual. Curious to find out its side effects, precautions, and benefits? Click here to discover more about Soma. Now, back to our topic. Soma starts affecting within 15-30 minutes of intake. Its effects can last somewhere between 4-6 hours. (Depending upon the patient’s metabolism) And the half life of Soma is between 1-3 hours, which means almost every third hour its concentration will get reduced to half in your body. So, you might be thinking, it should be flushed out of your system within 24 hours, right? Well, you’re right, but, hold on for a sec. As soon as Soma enters your body, within 30 minutes, it breaks down into meprobamate. It’s also a drug that slows down your brain activities — puts you into slow-motion mode — so you feel all-relaxed and calmed. But the half life of meprobamate is between 6-17 hours. That’s much longer than carisoprodol, and causes the tracking in blood tests, urine, and hair. So, it’s impossible that Soma will be flushed out of your system completely within 24 hours. Discover what factors affect the duration:


If you’ve been addicted to it, and taking it for a really long time, chances are it might stay in your system longer than an average person. Plus, the dosage you’ve been taking, high or low, also affects. For example, if you’ve been taking Soma 500mg, it might last longer in your body as compared to Soma 250mg. (Given the same timeframe) After an abrupt stop, you’ll also face withdrawal symptoms that can last 2-4 days or even more, depending upon your situation. Consult with your doctor and discover a safe way to get rid of it.


The younger the age, the faster it will take Soma to completely disappear. Because with younger age, your metabolism works finer, you’re more healthy overall, your kidney and liver health is also likely to be finer, and…you get the point. But, with older age, body organs also become old and weak. So the process of Soma 350mg getting vanished from your body also becomes slower.

Other Drugs Taken

Sometimes other drugs with Soma aren’t even safe in the first place. But, if some are safe, they still come in way by increasing the duration affecting Soma staying in your system. So, if you’re taking other drugs, besides Soma at the same time, you’re likely to be traced for a longer period.


Genetics affect, too. Some genes have more powerful stomach enzymes that digest the food faster. And some genes might have less power. But, again, that’s subjective, and this factor is interconnected with all the other ones.

Body Mass and Type

Body mass can affect the duration in two ways: the larger the mass, the longer it will take Soma to travel through your veins, reach kidney, liver, and finally out of your body by urniary system. The second way is, if you gain weight while you’re on Soma, your dosage will also increase for better results, and that will cause Soma to stay longer in your body. Soma 500 MG


So, this was your simple guide on how long will Soma stay in your Urine, Blood, and hair. Want this med to get delivered at your door-front?

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