How Long Does Valium Stay in Your System

How Long Does Valium Stay in Your System?

It depends upon several factors, and it varies from person to person. Usually, Valium can stay in your system for about 10-90 days — but its agents broken down in the body can live even longer.

Therefore, you need to know what keeps Valium stranded in your body, all the factors affecting duration, and is it safe that Valium stays in your system for so long?

Keep reading to find out.

Valium — What You Need to Know

Before we move on talking about the factors, let’s have a brief overlook at Valium: what it is and how does it work?

Valium or also known as Diazepam is a prescription-only drug for treating anxiety, depression, seizures, restlessness, and as a helping agent to quit alcohol addiction and lower its withdrawal symptoms.

 It works by interfering in the brain — by changing and releasing some chemicals in the brain, which control how we feel and respond to pain, anxiety, depression, etc.

Now, this drug might seem all-roses over the surface, but as the matter of fact, it’s not.

It’s a schedule IV drug, which basically means it’s habitual and can be addictive.

The misuse of Valium 10mg can prove to be a terrible decision you could ever make in your life. It’s hard to quit, it comes with side effects, and it leaves withdrawal symptoms after the addiction.

Even worse, the misuse can lead to a slow suffocated, painful death.

To find out all the ins and outs of Valium.

Below we’re going to discuss what factors affect the duration of Valium — factors that keep this drug camping in your body.

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Factors Affecting the Duration

Here are the factors and how they might be responsible for keeping Valium sticking around:

  • Age: The younger the patient, the faster will Valium flush out of the system. Why? Because with younger age, your metabolism rate is higher, digestion is good, kidney and liver health is spot-on, and in short, the whole body works perfectly. And that makes the process of excreting drugs faster. Unlike old age, where not only the inner body processes are slower, but the patients also become slow like a sloth.
  • Weight/Body Fat: This factor affects in two ways: a) when the body fat is more, it takes more time for drugs to travel around body veins, reaching different organs, and finally, streaming out through the urinary system. b) With more mass, the metabolic rate becomes slower — leading to more time indigestion, and excretion of unwanted stuff in the body.
  • Dosage/Amount: This factor seems pretty obvious — the higher dosage and the more amount you’d take, the longer it will take for the body to flush Valium out of it.
  • Other factors can be kidney health, genetics, body types etc.

The half-life of Valium is between 30-56 hours for an average person, which is an insanely longer duration.

For How Long Doctors Can Still Trace Valium in Hair, Urine, Saliva, Blood?

Even though, “supposedly”, Valium makes its way out through the urinary system, did you know that tests can still trace out the drug or its metabolites in your body?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Saliva: Valium is traceable for 7-10 days from the last dose taken, depending upon all the factors above.
  • Urine: Tests can detect Diazepam for weeks, and urine test is the most common one.
  • Blood: In blood, Valium is traceable for a few days of its last intake — again, depending upon the duration factors.
  • Hair: This is the longest doctors can trace — up to 90 days in your hair.

The addiction is horrible and must be treated with the doctor’s suggested safe way.


Now you’re well aware that Valium can camp in your body for as long as whole 90 days, depending upon which test you take to trace it out.

But, you shouldn’t worry about it while it’s still in you. Eventually, it will vanish from your body completely.

Need anything more to learn? Comment below.

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