What can happen if anxiety is not treate

What can happen if anxiety is not treated?

What can happen if anxiety is not treated? Anxiety is a feeling of being restless, unsure, and fearful. It is a state in which a person stays worried over things about a particular topic which makes him restless.

Each and every person must have an experience of passing through anxiety in his life. Actually, anxiety is a response to stress. It is an emotion that comes when a person faces some kind of stress in his life.

What makes a person anxious?

There are various factors that can make a person anxious. These are different for different person for example, delivering a lecture in a big hall can make someone anxious, but may not be necessarily a contributing factor towards anxiety in other person who is more confident within his personality. Similarly the level of anxiety also differs in people.

Stress is considered as the one of the most prevalent contributing factor that can cause anxiety for example

  • Stress of exams
  • Stress of job interview
  • Stress of presentation
  • Stress due to some medical illness
  • Stress due to the death of the closed one
  • Stress of unfavorable environmental conditions or professional circumstances
  • Stress of fulfilling some big responsibility etc.
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Factors other than stress include

  • Some medication
  • Any trauma
  • Genetic

Symptoms of anxiety:

  • Restlessness
  • Sweating
  • Increased hear rate
  • Increased respiratory rate
  • Palpitations
  • Nervousness
  • Confused
  • No confidence

Severity of anxiety:

Normal type of anxiety that comes and goes with the particular situation is not of severe nature. If anxiety persists even after the abolition of the causative factor and if person becomes unable to rule out any actual cause of his anxiety then this is a type of severe anxiety. Anxiety for the longer duration like years is termed as anxiety disorder. That, if left untreated can prove fatal.

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What happens if anxiety is not treated?

If anxiety is not treated then:

  • It goes on increasing with time.
  • It may lead to anxiety disorder in which a person may get panic attacks of weeping, fear, uneasiness, restlessness associated with pain in body.
  • During a panic attack a person may also give harm to himself or to the nearest one.
  • Anxiety may get converted into depression, in which a person may isolate himself from society
  • It may result in lose of the confidence
  • It may develop suicidal tendencies in a sufferer
  • It may fill the mind of the sufferer with negative thoughts.
  • Person become unable to trust anyone completely.
  • He will start feeling himself alone if left untreate


Anxiety is body’s response. It is usually normal but when it exceeds a particular limit it may b damaging. If it is left untreated at this stage then it can result in devastating outcomes. Anxiety should be controlled at its initial stages.

What can happen if anxiety is not treated? Don’t let the anxiety reach to the levels where it becomes an anxiety disorder. As soon as it is diagnosed it should be properly managed and treated accordingly.

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