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What Foods to Avoid if you have Anxiety?

“Foods to avoid” Anxiety is a mental state, in which a person remains worried and anxious. There are different stages of anxiety. Some people have only a minor degree of anxiety that is easily overcome by neglecting the unwanted thoughts or diverting the mind to some other activity.Some people suffer from a high degree of anxiety that they cannot control by themselves and need some medication or a psychiatrist. Anxiety at its extreme stage goes into depression.

Why there is a need to avoid anxiety?

Anxiety is not a disease. It is a mental condition that if not treated can lead to several diseases. Anxiety can lead to

  • Insomnia (inability to sleep)
  • Depression
  • Mind full of unwanted thoughts
  • Inability to perform assigned tasks
  • Unusual fear of something
  • Social distraction
  • Behavioral and personality changes
  • Many more

Due to all the above-mentioned conditions and many more, if enlisted will not come to end, it is always better to avoid the anxiety at its initial stages. Anxiety is easy to control at the start. As it gets older it becomes difficult to overcome the associated symptoms.

Several ways to avoid anxiety

There are several ways through which one can avoid anxiety-like

  • Avoiding some foods
  • Doing some exercises
  • Scheduling a timetable for routine activities
  • Taking proper sleep
  • Taking Medication
  • Visiting a Psychiatrist
  • Adopting behavioral therapies
  • Keeping oneself busy to avoid unwanted anxious thoughts

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Foods to be avoided in case of anxiety

Several foods potentiate anxiety, these should be avoided.


Caffeine stimulates the brain when it is taken in normal quantities. Larger doses of caffeine lead to addiction and overstimulation of the brain which can cause anxiety. So it should be avoided or be consumed within the normal ranges.


Alcohol is a drink that relaxes the mind initially thus helps in relieving anxiety and stress but when the effect of alcohol fades anxiety reappears with greater intensity. Alcohol also alters the level of neurotransmitters in the brain that can exaggerate anxiety.

Energy drinks

Different drink that boosts energy and refreshes the mind proves good for the brain. But their high use makes the brain addicted. Also as soon they activate the mind and boost energy similarly they reduce the power when their effect fades from the body, and the person feels anxiety and restlessness until he takes something else to calm himself.

Sweet products

Sweet products are also considered that they stimulate the brain. Excessive stimulation of the brain leads to the exhaustion and depletion of the brain neurotransmitters that are required for the proper functioning of the brain. One of the most important neurotransmitters is serotonin.The levels of serotonin are badly affected during the hyperactive state of the brain. These altered levels of serotonin are the key triggering factor of anxiety.

Chocolates (refined sugar-containing foods)

Chocolates also act as stimulants of the brain. They can prove good for people without anxiety but those who suffer from different levels of anxiety should avoid chocolates.They can give good feeling only initially but later the anxiety symptoms come with greater severity. Other refined sugar-containing foods include bread, toast, white rice, pasta, etc.


Ketchup and other sauces are forms of refined foods that are prepared by mixing different chemicals, preservatives, fragrant, and additives. These chemicals may not be suited to patients with anxiety. So the person with anxiety should be careful in using these things.


Different persons with anxiety have different triggering factors. One should always focus on the type of food one is taking. Because the type of food we take plays a very important role in developing different bodily conditions.


What foods can help anxiety?

There are so many items that are used as food. Only those foods that activate the mind and boost it can worsen the anxiety but other foods serve good for anxiety. Different people have different selections of foods that can help their anxiety. Milk, vegetables, honey, and fibers can help in anxiety.

What foods to avoid if you have anxiety or depression?

Foods like carbonated drinks, alcohol, processed foods, refined sugar-containing foods, white rice, chocolates, coffee, tea, etc. all these foods are said to alter the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain that increase anxiety. So these should be avoided.

What foods are bad for your mental health?

Foods that initially trigger your brain are seen to be good but as time passes the activity of the brain is changed and it can further damage the brain. These types of food should be avoided. These include foods containing caffeine, nicotine, tobacco, chocolate, energy drink, carbonated food, etc.

Can a healthy diet help you manage anxiety?

Yes, healthy diet help in managing anxiety. Healthy diets keep the levels of hormones and neurotransmitters at a normal level. They keep the mind and body healthy. They are free of any chemicals or additives that over-activate the mind. It has been seen that most people have cured their anxiety merely by changing their dietary habits.

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