What Is An Adderall 30mg Pill

What Is An Adderall 30mg Pill?

What Is An Adderall 30mg Pill? Adderall is an amphetamine based medication pill which is used for the treatment of ADHD and in some cases Narcolepsy. Mostly it is used in combination with other medicines prescribed to tackle and heal the condition that it is being used for.

For certain disorders and conditions, it is better to consume a group of medicines rather than a single pill or drug. Adderall 30mg is one such pill that works best when consumed with a number of other appropriate medicines prescribed by a qualified physician to better handle a condition and its symptoms.

It works by stimulating the nervous system.

To understand this particular pill and its characteristics and benefits better, let’s delve into further details about it and the way it performs its healing actions to help with the recovery.

Symptoms And Conditions

First off, we ought to learn about the conditions that it is prescribed for and the symptoms it helps with. More commonly, Adderall is used in the treatment for a nervous system related psychological disorder known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which is commonly written in its short form as ADHD.

This disorder is amongst the most commonly observed psychological disorders in children. However, ADHD affects adults equally as well. The attention deficit part is about the lack of attention.

It includes the inability to focus, very easily and quickly distracted, leaving out tasks in the middle before they’re finished, not properly listening when they’re being talked to and poor time management and organizing skills etc.

The hyperactivity part as suggested by the name is about being hyperactive and impulsive. The symptoms for this part include not being able to sit still, constantly on the move, excessive physical activities like running and climbing, squirming or fidgeting and impatience.

Doctors diagnose ADHD when these symptoms in an individual are exhibiting to the point where they’re interfering with their daily tasks and routine and causing hindrances.

Also, these symptoms need to occur in at least two settings for example at home and at school. If the symptoms are present in just one place, psychologists and psychiatrists are likely to predict that it has to do with the environment of the place.

However, at least six symptoms continuously and repeatedly exhibiting in at least two settings over a period of time will probably lead you to getting an ADHD diagnosis.

Adderall is one of the medicines that your or your child’s psychiatrist will prescribe along with a number of other medicines to help tackle the condition by reducing the symptoms. ADHD patients are also treated by cognitive and behavioural therapy along with the medication.

Another disorder that Adderall is prescribed for is Narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a quite uncommon and unusual condition that compels the individual to involuntarily fall asleep at any given moment. Some conditions associated with Narcolepsy that can be present in the individual suffering from Narcolepsy are sleep paralysis, lost muscle control or automatic involuntary behaviour.

Narcolepsy is not fatal in itself as a condition but it can cause hazardous incidents that can lead to fatalities. For example, a person suffering from Narcolepsy might fall asleep suddenly while driving or working on the stove or any other potentially hazardous tasks that require sturdy care and focus.

While the dosage of Adderall prescribed for ADHD is usually started at lower levels, higher dosages are usually administered for Narcolepsy starting at Adderall 30mg or even higher.

This has to do with the difference in severity and the nature of the two conditions, and also that a large number of ADHD patients happen to be kids. Narcolepsy has not been seen to occur in children younger than twelve.

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In ADHD among children younger than six years of age, the dosage is prescribed at its lowest starting from 2.5 mg. This dosage is for kids between the ages of three and six, hence Adderall is not recommended to be used with children younger than three years old.

For children between the ages of six and twelve, the dosage usually starts at 5 mg daily. For adolescents 10 mg and adults 10 or 20 mg depending on the severity of the condition and symptoms. The dosage can also be increased as per requirement and reduced when an improvement is made.

For the treatment of Narcolepsy, dosage usually starts at 10 mg and can be increased if required. More severe cases may have to be dealt with higher dosages like Adderall 40 mg or 30 mg at most. It will probably also be needed to administer more than once a day like twice or thrice usually after a duration of 4 to 6 hours.

It is best to have the dosage prescribed by a qualified physician or psychiatrist only.

If some severe unpleasant effects like anorexia or insomnia appear while taking the medicine, consult promptly with your physician so that they reduce your dosage or might prescribe an alternative pill.

Side Effects

The possible adverse effects occurring from this particular medication can range anywhere from cardiovascular to nervous system relating or gastric or allergic. More common ones are headache, dizziness, blurred vision, chest pains and nausea. Other side effects can contain trouble breathing, dry mouth, stomach issues, feeling cold, sleep issues and skin rashes.

Apart from the physical effects, this kind of medicines can inflict a variety of mental and behavioural issues as unwanted adverse effects as well. These mental and behavioural side effects can contain anger, aggression, restlessness, hostility, being highly paranoid, irritability and nervousness.

If the side effects are mild, there’s likely nothing to worry and you can keep taking your Adderall pill. Although if the side effects are getting severe, you probably need to have a consultation with your physician before they become worse to the point of becoming dangerous. The physician or psychiatrist might lessen your dosage or give you an alternate prescription.


Amphetamines have a high tendency to be very addictive. Adderall being an amphetamine based pill highly runs that risk too. More significantly, the higher dosages like Adderall 40 mg have even higher chances of getting the recipient dependant and addicted.

Therefore, patients taking this medication need to be observed. The medicine should be discontinued if they are seen taking it more often than prescribed or if they exhibit unusual personality changes.


Adderall can have toxic, undesired adverse reactions if mixed with certain alkalizing drugs like pills with sodium bicarbonate or thiazides and acetazolamide based medications. It is not suitable to be taken with serotonin producing antidepressants.

It also does not mix and react well with antihistamines and antihypertensive medicines. It can interfere with their sedative and hypotensive effects and they can affect its nerve stimulating aspect.

Chlorpromazine and Haloperidol based medications react with amphetamines by countering its stimulating effect because they block dopamine. Meperidine and Norepinephrine based are also not recommended to be used with amphetamines. Consult your physician about what other medicines are safe to be administered alongside Adderall.

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