What is Modafinil Used for ? Everything You Should Know Before You Take it

Before the discussion about what is Modafinil used for, please read it first. The schedule 4 drug, which means you can only get it with the prescription, is used to treat narcolepsy; symptoms of excessive sleepiness, or shift-work sleepiness. Modafinil is given alone or with other scheduled drugs. Most of its use is by folks who want to ignite their work routine, enhance their productivity, focus, and cognitive abilities during work hours. Modafinil is like coffee – an energy booster that keeps you up always. Today, we’ll briefly discuss what Modafinil is used for, the side effects, interactions, and all the dos and don’ts. So make sure you stick around for a while. In this article, we discuss what is Modafinil used for? Keep on reading to discover all that.

What is Modafinil Used for? Side Effects, Uses, Precautions, and Dosage Information

While on the surface it might seem that Modafinil is all-gold, and everybody should take advantage of the productivity booster, you should also know that it comes with serious side effects…which might even lead to a slow, suffocating death. We’ll list every minor and major side effect below, but first, let’s see how you should take it and what are the precautions.
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How to Take Modafinil

If you’re a narcolepsy patient, as part of your narcolepsy treatment, your doctor may prescribe you a schedule where you’ll have to take Modafinil pills by mouth with or without food. But if you’re taking it for work shifts, take it 1 hour before. Usually, there are two versions of Modafinil, Modafinil 200mg or 100mg. Your doctor will prescribe you the right dosage according to your physical condition and body type. In case you miss your dose, do not overdose on it. Simply skip the dose if you somehow could not take it on time. Modafinil 200 MG Here are some of the precautions you must follow:

Modafinil Precautions You Must Follow:

Tell your doctor if:
  • You’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to have a baby soon
  • You’re recently treated with HIV, Aids, heart, liver, or cancer diseases or any other fatal disease
  • You’re allergic to Modafinil or any other drug
  • You’re alcoholic or have been recent. Or, you’ve been addicted to any other street drug
  • You’re having surgery soon
  • You’re taking other supplements, vitamins, or herbal products, or planning to add them to your diet
  • You’ve high blood pressure symptoms, chest pain, or breathing problems
It’s important that you mention all of these to your doctor so you can save yourself from any possible health risks ahead. But remember one thing that it’s important for you to know what is modafinil used for. Here are some of the side effects that need immediate emergency attention:
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Modafinil Side Effects – Call Emergency Helpline in Case You See these in You

Here are some of the less-threatening side effects that are seen commonly:
  • Headache, dizziness, nausea, anxiety, nervousness, upset stomach, insomnia,
Here are some of the concerning side effects that are rare and dangerous:
  • Hives, skin rashes, peeling skin, swallowed mouth, trouble while swallowing food
  • Short breathes, extreme fever, dark urine, swelling of throat, hands, eyes, lips, legs, feet, or anywhere
  • Abrupt heartbeats, not being able to breathe properly, chest pain, aggression in behavior, unusual talks, suicidal thoughts, and hallucinations
Please keep in mind that this might not be the full list of side effects. If you feel anything more unpleasant or unusual than normal, do call the emergency helpline.

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