Why is Modafinil so Expensive? (And How You Can Save Money)

So, why exactly Modafinil is so expensive as compared to other drugs? Well, there are few possible reasons that decide why Modafinil (Provigil) is so expensive. We’re going to discuss that below and will also discuss the ways to cut the price. 

Let’s get into it. 

Why is Modafinil so Expensive? 

The drug is used to treat excessive sleepiness and boost the cognitive functionality of the human brain. In the USA especially, from CEO’s of companies to labourers, and students — thousands have been found to be taking advantage of this drug.

Despite its side effects when misused, the popularity of Modafinil is still sky-rocketing. In fact, in 2019 alone, the prescription of Modafinil in the US was estimated to be around 926,626 in a single year. 

Below, you’ll find some of the possible reasons that make its price higher: 

  • Because of the rising popularity of the drug, more and more people are buying it, increasing its demand in the market. Generally, when a drug is in demand in the market, the price goes up. 
  • The processes this medicine goes through to make sure it’s safe for everyone, and it only does what it is intended to do, costs a lot to the manufacturer. Those laboratory tests are expensive, and that’s why the company distributes some of the costs to its consumers. 
  • Do you know why it’s on everyone’s Facebook and Instagram’s feed? Because the manufacturer spends a fortune on marketing the drug, making it brandish, and increasing its cost for the consumers. 
  • Another possible reason for the expensive price might be because of the fact that Modafinil isn’t a necessity. The only target patients of these drugs are folks struggling with narcolepsy. The rest are those who are only looking for a productivity hack, and they’re willing to pay the price for it. And keeping that situation in light, the companies don’t bother to lower the price range.
  • Furthermore, there is less competition in the market. The FDA approved a generic form of Modafinil is manufactured by only a few companies you can easily count on fingers — Alembic Pharms Ltd, Apotex Inc, Appco, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd, Cadila, Orchid Healthcare, and Watson Labs Inc. This is the reason these players keep the prices however they want to. 

So, What is the Exact Price of Modafinil? 

Well, we can’t tell. It’s different when you get it over the counter at a physical store, and it’s different when you get it from an online pharmacy.

However, as an estimate of what you should expect the price to be, here’s a roundup: 

  • The branded Provigil version can cost you around 1360$ for 30 pills of 100mg. 
  • The generic Modafinil version can cost you a lot less because they’re usually covered by insurance. The average cost of 30 pills of 200mg might cost you 800$.

So, How to Cut the Cost When Buying Modafinil? 

Well, the easiest and the most inexpensive way to cut the price is to buy Modafinil from an online pharmacy. Buy in bulk or discover coupon codes to even go a step ahead in saving your money. 

But, there’s still a catch. 

There are hundreds of online pharmacies with so-called medical “experts” prescribing medicines. We’re not denying that there are legit online hospitals that genuinely care for the patients — but there’s a high chance they might rob your money and sell you a ‘clashy’ version of Modafinil.

Often, those scammy pharmacies either sell you less quantity with the same price or will give you medicine filled with formula clashes because it costs them less. And it is not only true for Modafinil, but any medicine you might buy from untrustworthy and unauthorized online pharmacies.

So, instead of enjoying the desired benefits, you’ll end up struggling with other health risks.  

But, you’re in luck today, because we’re providing Modafinil at a price lower than most of the online pharmacies and over-the-counter drug stores. 

We’re a brand new online pharmacy with the approval of the FDA. We have a mission to transform this medicine industry by delivering your essential daily doses at your doorstep. So you can grow healthy from the comfort of your home. 

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